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Structure of Universitas Indonesia

Organizational Structure

As one of the higher education institutions with an orientation towards a research-based education system, Universitas Indonesia (UI) has always strived for an education system capable of preparing its students to compete globally in all aspects of science, social humanities and life sciences. For that, the development of an intensive and consistent intellectual culture and atmosphere is required and implemented with full support from UI’s Board of Trustees, the Rector’s Cabinet, the Deans of Faculties and the Administrative Team.

The management of UI relies on transparency and accountability in carrying out its operational tasks. Under these principles, UI, with its strong academic roots and traditions dating back from the 19th century, is expected to accelerate its growth in the global world.

The organizational structure of UI has the flexibility to support its programs underpinned by its vision, mission and purpose which form the baseline for the implementation of education. The organizational structure also serves as the foundation for ensuring the quality of policy making, current financial management, and certainly maintaining achievements in global competition.

UI’s executive and supporting teams are a manifestation of a modern education institution and thus the campus should be able to accommodate all aspects and inputs from its units within a democratic sphere, and by means of modern management, achieve the noble goal of producing quality graduates. In short, a modern atmosphere, democracy and modern management are the heart and soul of Universitas Indonesia in the current millennium.

Board of Trustee

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University's Management

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Deans' of Faculties

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Academics' Senates

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University Central Administration

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Board of Proffesors

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